Purple Giraffe doesn’t think he is cool…but he is. Just like any normal young jungle animal, he likes music, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. He is the tallest of all of his friends, but he admits he is not the best at basketball. He is a great friend to everyone in the Red Bear gang, and he is always there to lend an ear or helping hand (or hoof) to those that need it.

  • Birthday – October 10th
  • Favorite Activities – reading history books, crossword puzzles, and solving complex math problems
  • Favorite Music – hip hop and country western
  • Least Favorite Thing – getting up early
  • Favorite Food – veggie hot dogs with everything on it
  • Purple Gets Frighted by – big scary bugs

Purple Giraffe says – 

“One of the best days I ever had was when I was with one of my friends outside, and we had nothing special to do that day. We just started kicking a soccer ball around, talking, and telling jokes. Pretty soon another friend joined in, then another, and another. We all spent the whole day talking, laughing, and kicking a ball around. Nothing exciting, but it was fun just hanging out with all my friends.”