Light Green Shark is the brains of the group of friends. That doesn’t mean she is the smartest one in the group, but she is always thinking of the best way to handle a situation. That’s a good thing, since sometimes stuff going on with the friends can get a little crazy. She goes everywhere with her water backpack so she can be a land shark. But sometimes she misses being in the ocean. She is a fish, after all.

  • Birthday – July 28th
  • Favorite Activities – puzzles, going out to eat, and building things out of wood
  • Favorite Holiday – Thanksgiving
  • Favorite Car – Honda Prelude
  • Least Favorite Food – brussel sprouts
  • Light Green’s secret wish – Sometimes she wishes she didn’t have to wear glasses. But they do make her look almost as cool as Purple Giraffe.

Light Green Shark says – 

“I like to figure things out. If I find myself in a tough situation or have to make a difficult decision, I always try to think through it.  Kind of like solving a puzzle.”