Blue Duck is definitely the most organized of all the friends. That’s a good thing because sometimes things can get a bit crazy with that group.

She will keep the group focused and make sure everyone gets involved in whatever activity they are in. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to have fun though. She can actually be a practical joker.

One time she was able to trick Yellow Gator into thinking the ice cream truck was on its way. When Yellow ran to get his money, there was no ice cream truck in sight. But Blue Duck was waiting with a vanilla cone just for Yellow Gator. No charge.

  • Birthday – September 3rd
  • Favorite activities – arts and crafts, watching movies, and gardening
  • Favorite types of music – jazz, violin music, and classic rock
  • Favorite time of day – early morning before everyone is up and out of bed
  • Secret ambition – to open up an art store

Blue Duck says – 

“I think helping people (or animals) is one of the most important things that we can do. Everyone needs help at some point. It can be helping someone get up who fell down, working with someone on their homework, or just listening to someone who is having a bad day.”