Red Bear seems to be the leader of the group. (I guess that’s why his picture is on the cover of the books.) But really, he is actually just one of the bunch. He is the best at making sure all the friends get along, work together, and have fun with whatever adventure they get into. I guess that is why he is the leader. Plus he has a nice house. Red Bear is always in a happy mood and likes to have fun, but he is also a very hard worker.

  • Birthday – June 13th (his lucky number is 13 too!)
  • Favorite TV Show – Friends
  • Favorite Book – The Giving Tree
  • Favorite Activity – going for long walks
  • Least Favorite Activity – cleaning the house
  • Secret about Red Bear  – He is actually very shy when meeting new people (or animals).
  • Favorite Time of Year – Winter.  So he can hibernate.

Red Bear says – 

“When I was just a little cub, my grandma always reminded me to treat others like I would like to be treated. She called it the ‘Golden Rule’. I always try and remember that when I am with others.”